Subway Platters Menu With Prices 2024 [Updated]

Subway Platters Menu With Prices – Hey Guys!! Are you looking for a quick and easy catering option for your next event? Look no further than Subway Platters!

Subway Platters offers a variety of delicious and fresh sub sandwiches, wraps and sides that are perfect for any occasion.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete guide to Subway’s platter menu, including the different types of platters, and their prices.

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Subway Platters Menu With Prices 2024

Subway platters are great way to feed crowd at your next event. They offer a variety of sub flavors, breads and toppings to choose from, so you can create a platter that everyone will enjoy. Here is a summary of the Subway platters menu with prices:

All Sandwiches

Food ItemPrice
Cold Cut Combo (6-inch) $4.25
Cold Cut Combo (Footlong) $6.25
Spicy Italian (6-inch) $4.25
Spicy Italian (Footlong) $6.00
B.L.T. (6-inch) $4.25
B.L.T. (Footlong)$6.25
Tuna (6-inch) $4.75
Tuna (Footlong)$7.00
Italian B.M.T. (6-inch) $4.75
Italian B.M.T. (Footlong)$7.00
Veggie Delite (6-inch) $4.00
Veggie Delite (Footlong) $6.00
Black Forest Ham (6-inch) $4.25
Black Forest Ham (Footlong)$6.25
Subway Club (6-inch) $5.75
Subway Club (Footlong)$8.00
Roast Beef (6-inch) $5.75
Roast Beef (Footlong) $8.00
Turkey Breast (6-inch) $4.75
Turkey Breast (Footlong)$7.00

Platters (Serves 5-9)

Food ItemPrice
Customize Your Own Platter$36.50
Subway Fresh Fit Platter$34.00C
Classic Combo Platter$34.00
Flavor Craver Platter$36.50


Food ItemPrice
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Dozen)$6.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dozen)$6.00
Cookie Platter (3 Dozen)$18.00
Oatmeal Raisin (Dozen)$6.00

Giant Subs

Food ItemPrice
3 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 10-12)$44.00
6 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 20-25)$84.00
9 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 25-30)$126.00
12 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 35-40)$168.00
15 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 40-50)$210.00
18 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 55-60)$252.00
21 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 60-65)$294.00
24 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 65-70)$336.00
27 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 70-75)$378.00


Food ItemPrice
Doritos Nacho Cheese$1.10
Apple Slices$1.50
Lay’s Classic Potato Chips$1.10
Baked Lay’s Potato Chips$1.10
Sun Chips$1.10

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Food ItemPrice
Coca-Cola Classic$1.80
Dasani Water$1.80
Vitamin Water$1.80
Diet Coke$1.80

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Final Words

Subway platters are a delicious and convenient way to enjoy variety of Subway sandwiches and snacks. They are perfect for parties, potlucks, or simply feeding a large group.

With so many different options to choose from, there is Subway platter to suit every taste and budget.

Thanks for reading this article about Subway platters. I hope you found it informative and helpful. If you have any queries or douts, please feel-free to leave them below.


What are Subway Platters?

Subway Platters are large, shareable trays filled with a variety of delicious Subway sandwiches, perfect for group events and gatherings.

How many people can a Subway Platter feed?

Subway Platters come in different sizes to accommodate various group sizes. You can choose platters that serve 5, 9, or 15 people.

What sandwich options are available for Subway Platters?

You can select from a range of Subway’s classic sandwiches, including favorites like the Italian B.M.T., Turkey & Ham, and Veggie Delite.

Can I customize the sandwiches on a Platter?

Absolutely! You can customize your Subway Platter by choosing the specific types of sandwiches you want to include.

Are there vegetarian options for Subway Platters?

Yes, Subway offers vegetarian Platters that include sandwiches like the Veggie Delite and Veggie Patty.

How do I order a Subway Platter for an event?

You can order Subway Platters in-store, online through their website or app, or by calling your local Subway restaurant.


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