Subway Nutrition Menu 2024 [Updated]

Guys!! Are you a health-conscious individual looking for a delicious and nutritious meal? Wondering about the nutritional information of Subway’s menu? If you are, then you should check out the Subway Nutrition Menu 2024.

Subway offers variety of menu items, and the nutritional content of its offerings can vary based on the type of bread, fillings, and toppings you choose.

Subway Nutrition Menu

In this article, I will discuss about the Subway nutrition, Including the calories and carbs in Subway sandwiches, and sides.

Subway 6″ Sandwiches

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
6″ Big Philly Cheesesteak297500175138
6″ B.L.T.15332094315
6″ Buffalo Chicken (with regular Ranch dressing)269420164625
6″ Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt292570284735
6″ Cold Cut Combo233370134618
6″ Italian B.M.T.®226410164620
6″ Meatball Marinara301480185921
6″ Spicy Italian222480244620
6″ Steak & Cheese245380104826
6″ Subway Melt®240370114723
6″ Tuna233470244420

Subway Kids Meal Sandwiches

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Veggie Delite®1081501.5296
Black Forest Ham1361802.53010
Roast Beef14620033014
Turkey Breast13618023010

6″ Limited Time Offer/Regional Subs**

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
6″ Barbecue Rib Patty163430184719
6″ Barbecue Chicken23331055215
6″ Chicken Parmesan281510176226
6″ Chicken Pizziola Melt291450155031
6″ Jalapeno Tuna Melt241470244420
6″ Meatball Pepperoni Melt339610315826
6″ Pastram Melt, Big Hot297580284931
6″ Subway Seafood SensationTM233410195013
6″ Turkey & Bacon Avocado264400144922
6″ Veggie Patty24739075623

Subway Nutrition for Salads

Salad Dressing

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Fat Free Italian5735071
Chipotle Southwest572602721
Honey Mustard57801181
Oil and Vinegar42.531902100
Sweet Onion56.71000240

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Subway Nutrition for Breakfast & Pizza

Subway Egg Muffin Melts (with Egg White)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg White & Cheese1051503.52412
Egg White & Cheese (with ham)11917042414
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt14222082516
Bacon, Egg (White) & Cheese11018052413
Mega Melt**138300172417
Sausage, Egg (White) & Cheese**133270152415
Steak, Egg (White) & Cheese12218042515
Sunrise Subway Melt®14921062618

Subway Egg Muffin Melts (with Regular Egg)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg & Cheese10517062412
Egg & Cheese (with ham)11919062414
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt142240102516
Bacon, Egg & Cheese11020072413
Mega Melt**138320192417
Sausage, Egg & Cheese**133290172415
Steak, Egg & Cheese12220062515
Sunrise Subway Melt®14923082618

Subway Egg Whites on Mornin’ Flatbreads

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg White & Cheese911705219
Egg White & Cheese (with ham)10618052212
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt129230102214
Bacon, Egg White & Cheese9619072111
Mega Melt**124310192215
Sausage, Egg White & Cheese**120290172113
Steak, Egg White & Cheese10819062213
Sunrise Subway Melt®13622082316

Subway Regular Egg on Mornin’ Flatbreads

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg & Cheese911907219
Egg & Cheese (with ham)10620082212
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt129250122214
Bacon, Egg & Cheese9621092111
Mega Melt**124330212215
Sausage, Egg & Cheese**120310192113
Steak, Egg & Cheese10821082213
Sunrise Subway Melt®136240102316

Subway 6″ Omelet Sandwich (with Egg White)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
6″ Egg White & Cheese17432084419
6″ Egg White & Cheese (with Ham)20335094524
6″ Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt261460174829
6″ Bacon, Egg White & Cheese184370114523
6″ Mega Melt**240610354530
6″ Sausage, Egg White & Cheese**231570314526
6″ Steak, Egg White & Cheese217390104728
6″ Sunrise Subway Melt275430134832

Subway 6″ Omelet Sandwiches (with Regular Egg)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
6″ Egg & Cheese174360124419
6″ Egg & Cheese (with Ham)202.7390134524
6″ Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt26150021.954729
6″ Bacon, Egg & Cheese184410164523
6″ Mega Melt**240650394530
6″ Sausage, Egg & Cheese**231610364526
6″ Steak, Egg & Cheese217430154728
6″ Sunrise Subway Melt®275470174832

Subway Omelet on 6″ Flatbread (with Egg White)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg White & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread183330104219
Egg White & Cheese (with ham) on 6″ Flatbread211360114323
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt on 6″ Flatbread270470204528
Bacon, Egg White & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread192380134322
Mega Melt** on 6″ Flatbread249620374329
Sausage, Egg White & Cheese** on 6″ Flatbread240570344326
Steak, Egg (White) & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread225400124528
Sunrise Subway Melt® on 6″ Flatbread284440154631

Subway Omelet on 6″ Flatbread (with Regular Egg)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Egg & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread183370144219
Egg & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread211400154323
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt on 6″ Flatbread270510244522
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread192420184228
Mega Melt** on 6″ Flatbread249660424329
Sausage, Egg & Cheese** on 6″ Flatbread240610384326
Steak, Egg & Cheese on 6″ Flatbread225440174428
Sunrise Subway Melt® on 6″ Flatbread284480204632

Subway Breakfast Sandwiches on Footlong Bread (with Regular Egg)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Footlong Egg & Cheese349730248839
Footlong Egg & Cheese (with ham)405780269148
Footlong Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt5221000449557
Footlong Bacon & Cheese367820318945
Footlong Mega Melt**4811310799060
Footlong Sausage & Cheese**4621210718953
Footlong Sausage & Cheese**434860299357
Footlong Sunrise Subway Melt®550940359664

Subway Breakfast Sandwiches on Footlong Flatbread (with Regular Egg)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Footlong Egg & Cheese on Flatbread366740298437
Footlong Egg & Cheese (with ham) on Flatbread422800318646
Footlong Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt on Flatbread5391010489056
Footlong Bacon & Cheese on Flatbread384840368544
Footlong Mega Melt** on Flatbread4981320838659
Footlong Sausage & Cheese** on Flatbread4791230768552
Footlong Steak & Cheese on Flatbread451880348955
Footlong Sunrise Subway Melt® on Flatbread567960399263

Subway Breakfast Sides

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Hash Browns (4 pc)**741509171

Subway 8″ Pizza**

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Cheese & Veggies3817402510036

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Subway Nutrition for Breads & Condiments

Subway Breads

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
6″ Italian (White) Bread712002387
6″ 9-Grain Wheat Bread782102408
6″ Parmesan Oregano Bread752202.5408
6″ Honey Oat892603489
6″ Hearty Italian Bread**752102.5417
6″ Monterey Cheddar**8224063810
6″ Italian Herbs & Cheese822505409
6″ Roasted Garlic**822302.5458
6″ Wheat Bread with Omega-3 ALA (CA only)**822303449
6″ Flatbread872204.5387
Light Wheat English Muffin571000.5226
Mini Italian Bread471301.5255
Mini Wheat Bread521401.5275

Subway Sandwich Condiments (amount on 6-inch sandwich)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Bacon (2 strips)9453.503
Buffalo Sauce145010
Chipotle Southwest Sauce211001010
Honey Mustard Sauce, Fat Free2130070
Light Mayonnaise (1 T)15505<10
Mayonnaise (1 T)151101200
Mustard yellow or deli brown (2 tsp)1050<10
Olive Oil Blend (1 tsp)5.045500
Pepperoni, 3 slices17.580714
Ranch Dressing21301110
Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fat Free**21110060
Sweet Onion Sauce, Fat Free2140090
Vinegar (1 tsp)80000

Subway Vegetables (amount on 6-inch sandwich)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Banana Peppers (3 rings)4<5000
Cucumbers (3 slices)17<50<10
Green Peppers (3 strips)70000
Jalapeno Peppers (3 rings)4<5000
Pickles (3 chips)90000
Olives (3 rings)3<5000
Tomatoes (3 wheels)343020

Subway Cheese (amount on 6-inch sandwich)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
American, Processed11403.512
Monterey Cheddar, Shredded14504.513
Mozzarella, Shredded**1440303
Natural Cheddar**1560504

Subway Individual Meats (amount on 6″ sub or salad)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Chicken Patty, Roasted71902.5415
Chicken Strips71801.5016
Cold Cut Combo Meats7114011210
Egg Patty (regular)85110739
Egg White Patty8570239
Italian B.M.T.® Meats6418014211
Roast Beef71902.5116
Sausage, Breakfast572402417
Seafood Sensation**711901675
Steak (no cheese)711104415
Subway Club® Meats78902.5215
Turkey Breast5750129
Veggie Patty**8516051215

Subway Nutrition for Desserts, Sides & Beverages

Subway Cookies & Desserts

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Chocolate Chip4522010302
Chocolate Chunk**4522010302
Double Chocolate Chip**452109302
M & M®**4521010322
Oatmeal Raisin452008303
Peanut Butter**4522012264
Raspberry Cheesecake452009292
White Chip Macadamia Nut4522011292
Apple Pie**7125010370
Apple Slices – 1 package7135090
Yogurt Dannon Light & Fit®170800165
Yogurt Parfait (with granola)1641602306
Yogurt Parfait (without granola)1561301.5245

Subway Chips

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Baked Lay’s®321302232
Baked Lay’s®** Sour Cream & Onion321403.5243
Doritos Nacho5025013304
Lays® Classic4323015233
Sunchips Harvest Cheddar432109294
Chips, 1 bag25-5775-3400-2213-360-7

Subway Beverages***

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Bottled Juice/Drink150-300054-680
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea, Regular – 16 oz, no ice16120-240034-660
Fountain Drink, Diet/Unsweetened Tea – 16 oz, no ice160-10000
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea, Regular – 21 oz, no ice21160-320045-870
Fountain Drink, Diet/Unsweetened Tea – 21 oz, no ice210-15000
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea, Regular – 30 oz, no ice30230-460065-1200
Fountain Drink, Diet/Unsweetened Tea – 30 oz, no ice300-25000
Fountain Drink/Sweetened Tea, Regular – 40 oz, no ice40310-620090-1600
Fountain Drink, Diet/Unsweetened Tea – 40 oz, no ice400-30000
Juice Box61000240
Milk, Low Fat121603.51912
Milk, Chocolate Flavored Reduced Fat1230084315
Milk, Strawberry Flavored Reduced Fat1230074415

Subway Soup** (10 oz bowl)

ItemServing Size(g)CaloriesTotal Fat(g)Carbs(g)Protein(g)
Chipotle Chicken Corn Chowder101302.5225
Southern Style Chicken & Dumpling101705228
Chili Con Carne1028083517
Creamy Potato with Bacon1025014266
Creamy Garden Broccoli & Cheese1020014144
New England Style Clam Chowder101505205
Roasted Chicken Noodle101102157
Spanish Style Chicken & Rice with Pork101102.5166
Tomato Garden Vegetable w/ Rotini10900203
Vegetable Beef101002156
Creamy Brown and Wild Rice with Chicken1022012225

Final Words

Subway offers a variety of healthy and delicious options. So you can create a meal that fits your dietary needs and preferences.

Moreover, thank you for reading this article about the Subway nutrition menu. I hope you found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


What is Subway Nutrition?

Furthermore, Subway Nutrition refers to the nutritional information of the menu items offered at Subway.

Why is Subway Nutrition important?

Additionally, understanding Subway Nutrition is essential for making informed food choices that align with your dietary needs and health goals.

How can I access Subway Nutrition information?

Additionally, Subway provides nutrition information on their official website and in-store brochures. You can also find mobile apps that offer Subway’s nutritional data.

How many calories are in a typical Subway sandwich?

Caloric content varies, but many six-inch subs contain around 350-500 calories without extra toppings or condiments.

Are Subway sandwiches a good source of protein?

Furthermore, Subway sandwiches are often a good source of protein. Particularly if you choose options like turkey, chicken, or lean ham.

Are Subway salads a healthier option than sandwiches?

Subway salads can be a healthier choice, especially if you select lots of vegetables and lean protein. Moreover, remember to watch the dressing and portion size.

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